10 Best McLean Builders Building New Homes

The 10 Best McLean Builders: A Guide On How To Select Your McLean Home Builder

McLean Virginia is a highly desirable city to live in. McLean is a very wealthy area and has highly educated people living there.

Some of the neighboring communities McLean is associated with are: Great Falls, Arlington, Vienna, Alexandria, McLean, Falls Church, and Washington D.C.

McLean is also know for it’s excellent public and private schools. See the list of schools below.

McLean is also know for it’s excellent public and private schools. See the list of schools below.

Here Are The 10 Best McLean Builders Building New Homes

1. Paramount Construction

Paramount Construction are award winning new home Bethesda builders. Paramount has the largest list of new homes and building lots in Bethesda and the DC area. This Bethesda builder also have an in-house architect who has been with them for over 16 years. Paramount Construction has never designed or built the same home twice.

Paramount Construction is one of the few Bethesda builders that specialize in contemporary new homes. Each new home Paramount Construction designs is designed to fit optimally in each building lot. 

2. Focal Point Builders

3. Artisan

4. Joy Builders

5. Tradition Homes

6. Classic Homes of Virginia

7. Sekas Homes

8. Botero Homes

10. Stanley Martin Custom Homes

Stanley Martin Homes was founded in 1966 by Martin Alloy. Stanley Martin
Homes has built many new homes all over Virginia and Maryland. 


This McLean builder designed and built this new contemporary home:


bethesda builder

If you’d like to learn more about our McLean building lots or building lots in N. Arlington, S. Arlington, Washington DC or Falls Church, call 301-370-6463.


Here’s a new home we just finished in downtown McLean. This home is on Fairfield Road, a few blocks to the Bethesda Metro and the Harris Teeter Store:



Here’s another new McLean home we just completed in Bannockburn, on Callander Drive: 



And here are three McLean new homes which are move-in ready right now:


1. Farver Road McLean – 22 minute walk to downtown Bethesda
2. 1522 Hardwood Lane McLean – 15,000 sf building lot for sale in Chesterbrook
3. 5908 Rolston Road Bethesda – SOLD


bethesda builder


And if you can wait for the home to be built, this McLean builder has many, many more Bethesda building lots, here’s just a few:


1. 6002 Maiden Lane Bethesda – 10,300 sf lot – Kenwood Park neighborhood
2. 6005 Maiden Lane Bethesda – 10,000 sf lot – SOLD
3. 6529 Elgin Lane Bethesda – 14,800 sf lot – Bannockburn neighborhood
4. 7000 Amy Lane Bethesda – 11,000 sf lot
5. 5905 Wiltshire Drive Bethesda – 7,200 sf lot
6. 8009 Newdale Road Bethesda – 8,900 sf lot – 12 minute walk to Bethesda Metro
7. 5209 Baltimore Ave. Bethesda – 7,700 sf lot – 20 minute walk to Friendship Heights Metro,
Paramount Construction has a large list of tear-down building lots and new homes in these
Bethesda and Chevy Chase neighborhoods:


1. Cabin John
2. Glen Echo
3. Bannockburn Estates (you’ll love our Nevis Model)
4. Bannockburn Coop – (Check out this excellent building lot)
5. Kenwood Park – (here’s a 10K sf flat lot for sale)
6. Battery Park
7. Bradley Hills – (check out our Garfield Model with a first floor master suite at 8801 Garfield St.)
8. Wyngate – (here’s a brand new Arts & Crafts home for sale)
9. Glen Echo Heights – check our our Iroquois Model built in Glen Echo Heights
10. Mohican Hills
11. Tulip Hills
12. Chevy Chase West – (check out this new home at 4815 De Russey Pkwy)
13. Westboro – (check out this lot at 4602 Chase Ave.)
14. Town of Chevy Chase (check out our Metro Contemporary)
15. Kenwood
16. Town of Somerset (excellent building lot near the Somerset Pool – 4712 Essex Ave.)
17. Edgemoor (7114 Exfair new home – walk to Bethesda Metro)
18. Section 3 Chevy Chase
19. Section 5 Chevy Chase (Williams Lane Section 5 new home coming soon)
20. Brookdale – (walk 5 blocks to Friendship Heights Metro)
21. Brookmont
22. Wood Acres
23. Chevy Chase Village
24. Village of Chevy Chase



The Best McLean Builders 


Here’s a map of McLean and Arlington (circled in red):

Bethesda builders Bethesda map

Bethesda Builders map of Bethesda & Chevy Chase


Slideshow map of McLean Neighborhoods:



Public primary schools located in McLean include:

Kent Gardens Elementary School
Chesterbrook Elementary School
Churchill Elementary School
Bradley Hills Elementary School
Burning Tree Elementary School
Carderock Springs Elementary School
Seven Locks Elementary School
Westbrook Elementary School
Wyngate Elementary School
Wood Acres Elementary School

Public middle schools located in McLean include:

North Bethesda Middle School
Thomas W. Pyle Middle School
Westland Middle School

Public high schools located in Bethesda include:

McLean High School
Langley High School

Private schools located in McLean include:


Check out this contemporary new home for sale in McLean. The schools are McLean HS, Longfellow MS and Kent Gardens ES. It is walking distance to McLean HS and a 5 minute drive to downtown Bethesda near the McLean Apple Store. This home could have a first floor bedroom and an elevator.


New Home Builder FAQ

How can you tell the quality of a brand new home?

This may seem obvious, but just taking a tour through the home and visually inspecting everything with a careful eye will tell a lot about the home. It the home doesn’t look right and things appear to be poorly done, then that is probably the case.

What expert can I hire to verify the quality of a brand new home before I make the home purchase?

A licensed professional home inspector can be contracted to do a thorough evaluation of all of the mechanical, structural and electrical systems in a new home. They can also check out and evaluate the quality of the finishes, like flooring, cabinets, countertops and interior trim of the home.

How much does a new home cost?

Some builders that build the same new home over and over again can usually provide you with a cost per square foot. The cost per square foot will depend on what is included in the home and whether or now things like site costs and utility connection fees are included. Every builder will have their own approach to costing and building a home and no two builders build the same home and put the same ingredients in each home. So, be very careful in relying on a cost per square foot to compare builders. And when a builder is building a luxury home or a custom home the cost per square foot could end up being absolutely meaningless. That’s because when you start adding custom options and a variety of selections to the base price of a home, the cost per foot on any two homes will never be the same. Additionally, just the way the math works out, a smaller home with the same materials and specifications will be more per square foot than a larger home. That’s because a small home and a large home usually have the same general condition costs (permits, utility connections, engineering, etc.) and that cost divided by a larger number will be a smaller unit number.

What options in a new home provide the greatest return on investment upon resale?

This depends on each individual locality. But typically, options which add finished square footage will add more value in an appraisal than things like a swimming pool. So, options that add an additional sunroom or a finished third floor will add a lot more to the appraisal than things like upgraded appliances or an elevator or a swimming pool.

Check out these new home elevations