Here is a possible renovation floor plan of
6630 River Road:

Bethesda renovation

Bethesda home for sale on 33ksf lot in Bethesda renovation plans.

Here is a proposed floor plan for a home addition and
renovation to a home in Bethesda:

Additoin ot a home in Bethesda

Bethesda Home Addition and Renovation

Bannockburn Home in Bethesda Screen Porch Addition:

Proposed Screen Porch Addition In Bethesda

Take A look At the Home Taking Shape:

Home Addition in Bannockburn

Updated Fron Elevation

Bethesda home addition framing

Bethesda home addition framing

Large Opne 2 Story Foyer in Bethesda Home Addition
Addition to home in Bethesda

New Front Elevation in Bethesda

Here is a architectural rendering of a proposed two story addition and renovation floor plan to
a home in Chevy Chase Maryland:

Floor plan of 1st floor renovation and home addition Chevy Chase Md

1st Floor home plan for addition to Chevy Chase Home

Proposed 2nd floor home plan for addition to home in Chevy Chase Md.

Proposed 2nd floor floorplan to home in Chevy Chase Md.

Here is what we have so far on your addition. Kevin has not worked in
the homework area yet, but this will give you a real good idea of what
we can design and build going over to the side.

The front elevation depicts replacing the siding and may be more
ambitious than you want to pursue, but we can discuss this.

Elevation of front of house addition

Front new home addition elevation

Floor Plan to 2nd Floor Home Addition in Bethesda Maryland

2nd Floor Floor Plan Bethesda Home Addition

Home Addition in Bethesda Maryland 1st Floor Floor Plan

1st Floor Floor Plan Bethesda Home Addition

Home Addition in Bethesda Maryland Site Plan

Site Plan For Bethesda Home Addition


Video of award winning new custom home in McLean Virginia, large remodel and home addition
project in Bethesda and New Home of The Year winner in Falls Church Virginia.

Bethesda Rambler Is Remodeled by Paramount Construction

1960s Bannockburn Home Undergoes Surgery

Ever meet a stuffy architect? Think they’re easy to work with?
Think the home design process would be fun with one of those “big-name” architects?

Life is too short.

Our home design process is smooth, easy & fun.
No limits on how much design for your home.
No limits on how much time on your design.
Every design detail explored.
No ego on our side. We just want create the best
design for your home.

Watch one of our home design meetings here:

Take a look at the award winning finished product:

Log Home Addition Award Winning Project Architectural Details

Award Winning Architectural Details Log Home Addition Renovation

Architectural Design Details Log Home In Rockville Maryland

Interior Design Architectural Detailing Goes Into Our Projects

Click here to look at more project photos of this award winning log home renovation addition here.