The Singleton New Home Plan.

Features 1st floor master suite and three bedrooms up,
this can change to 4 or 2.

Here is the house plan:

New Home Plan Bethesda Maryland

The Singleton New Home Plan

Architect Designed New Home Plan

New Home Plan For Spring 2011 Semi- Custom Series

Here is a another new prototype home plan that we
will be adding to our Spring 2011 Semi-Custom Home
Plan launch.

Kevin, our architect, is working on two elevations. These plans
are very expandable.

As shown here the plans are one level plus optional basement.
But depending on demand, there may be additional rooms
designed for a second floor.

We are scouting building lots in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac,
Mclean, Arlington and Falls Church now to build a model home.

Please make your comments below and let us know what you

New Semi-Custom Home Plan Featuring Ranch Style One Level Living

New Home Prototype Coming Spring 2011 Featuring One Level Living

New Home Plan For Maryland, Virginia & Washington DC Features Ranch Style One Level Living

Alternate Elevation For ThIs Ranch Style New Home Plan

Home Plan Should Be Similar For Either New Home Ranch Style New Home

The Prototype New Home Plan Will Be Similar For This New Semi-Custom Home Plan

McLean Virignia New Home Floor Plan

Semi-Custom Home Plan With 1st Floor Master Suite

Maryland Home Architect Announces New Home Plan Prototype

New Home Plan Coming In Spring 2011 Semi-Custom Series

Virginia Architect Home Builder Announces New Home Plan

2nd Floor of This New Home Prototype Could Have Several 2nd Floor Plan Optional Layouts

This new home plan appeals to a growing portion of our Washington DC market, which
according to our research, is requesting 1st floor master suites more now than in prior years.

This plan prototype may be selected for our spring 2011 semi-custom home launch.

Please make comments below and let us know what you like or don’t like about this
plan. And as always, we want to hear your suggestions for new home plans
that you’d like to see.

We’re excited to show off our new home plan The Summer Hill 25. This home plan
is designed for a new building lot in Section 5 Chevy Chase. Take A look:

Bethesda and Chevy Chase Home Builder Announces New Home Plan Summer Hill On Section 5 Chevy Chase Building Lot

New Home Plan on Section 5 Chevy Chase Building Lot

Section 5 Chevy Chase Home For SAle

2nd Floor Home Floor Plan New Home The Summerhill 25 B

Great Bethesda building lot over 11K sf.
New Home Arts and Crafts Plan: The Battery Park. Take a look:

Building Lot For Sale in Bethesda

Great Building Lot For Sale in Bethesda With New Home Plan - The Battery Park

Here is the elevation:
New Home Front Elevation The Battery Park

Front Elevation of The Battery Park New Home Plan

Here is a brand new custom home plan designed especially
for a shallow small lot. This is a great home plan for a two
or three person household, yet we have options to expand
this home plan to add rooms for a larger household.
This is new home plan is also ideal for shallow lots
and for home building lots that slope
front to back with a walk out basement.

Introducing a new home plan The Cabin John

New Home Plan Designed for a Bethesda Homeowner - The Cabin John

Here’s a real cool new home on our design board:

New Custom Home Design on Golf Course in Bethesda

Mediterranean Custom Home Design on Golf Course in Bethesda Maryland

New Home Custom Floor Plan Mediterannean Style home

New Custom Home Mediterranean style home floor plan

This new home design for an owner in Bethesda should be in for
building permit application soon.

Also, be on the lookout for another Paramount Open House on a
unique addition/renovation to a 1920s Log Home on the Manor Country
Club golf course. This is a real special project. Take a sneak peak
at what the owners had to say at a private party a few weeks ago:

Many homeowners want to know the difference in the process
and the outcome between buying a standard home plan and
a custom home design.

Watch this video to learn how a typical design meeting evolves:

Kevin is our “Genius Architect” (he’s really good).
Award Winning Architects and Builders Maryland, Virginia & Washington D.C.

Just enter a bit of information and we’ll contact you
and discuss what you’re thinking about:

Lets Chat About Your Project
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Here’s Kevins at work creating architectural renderings and some
architectural interior design details of custom built-ins and
fireplaces mantle and hearths.

Kevin, our in-house architect, brainstorms design options with you.
Any idea can be explored. There is no additional charge for
our architectural design time. The beauty of this process is
that you’ll be designing your dream home
directly with Kevin. Real-time, clear communication and
lots of fun.

(don’t miss our open house at this breathtaking addition
and renovation to a 1920s log home – go here NOW:
http://rockvilleopenhouse.com/ )

Other builders will never let you work directly with the
architect. You’ll probably tell a “construction coordinator”
what you think you want. The coordinator hopefully relays
your ideas correctly to an off-site designer, and voila, a few weeks
later you get some sketch that is remotely close to your

This can be real frustrating.

Take a look at a typical custom interior design we create
on our projects:

Custom Architect Designed of Built-in

Architectural Interior Design of Built-in Splitting Living Room & dining Room

Here is the actual built-in:

Brookahven cabinets custom designed built-in

Built-in from custom interior design

Architect created custom built-in

Dining room view of custom built-in

Architect created interior designed fireplace wall

Architect created interior design of fireplace built-in wall

Interior design by architect fireplace wall

Customized fireplace built-in wall

The beauty is, we don’t charge any design premium to create a custom
design or to provide our interior design services on our custom homes.
Go here for more photos of this HOME OF THE YEAR

Why would you want a new home built from a stock plan when you
can have your “dream home” designed to reflect your exact needs
and desires and the unique characteristics of your building lot?
Call me at 301-370-6463 to start on the home of your dreams.

Just enter a bit of information and we’ll contact you
and discuss what you’re thinking about:

Lets Chat About Your Project
First Name
Last Name
Email *
Phone 1
Street Address 1
Postal Code

Here is an example of a landscape plan created by our
landscape architect, Clearwater Landscapes. A professionally designed
landscape can finish off a new home very nicely:

Landscape Plan by Landscape Architect

Landscape Plan created by landscape architect