Design Retainer Video Presentation

Please Turn up volume:

Here’s what this Design Retainer phase will do for you:

Define Your Requirements

We’ll define your requirements for your lot and for your home.
If we’re helping you with the lot selection, we’ll help define geographic
target area, target schools, lot topography issues, proximity to metro
and shopping goals, etc.

Site Zoning And Setback And Retaining Walls & Utility Issues & Costs
Zoning, setbacks, easements, utilities, driveways,
permitting, excavation – these are always issues that will impact
costs and process of building on a lot. At this phase we’ll be able to
conceptually analyze most of these issues. Eventually (not included in
this phase) you’ll need to obtain a survey from a land surveyor that will
address more details related to all of these issues.

Select A Home Plan

Then we’ll either use a pre-existing home plan from our portfolio of plans, modify
one of our plans or create one from scratch.

Detailed Product Specifications

Next, we’ll select from one of our pre-defined finish levels the exact specifications of the features and
amenities that will go into your new home or home addition.

Calculate Exact Price

Now that we’ve got a concept plan you like and exact specifications
we’ll be able to calculate an exact price.

High Level Options

We’ll also be able to calculate  3 or 4 options, if you’d like.
Things like: additional square footage, finishing the basement
or an additional bathroom.

Lender Assistance & Financing Options

Concurrent with this phase, you should be discussing
financing options. Many times lots you may be targeting
will be extremely competitive and in order to move fast
and make a solid offer you’ll need to have financing fairly
far along. We can assist you finding the right lender for your
particular situation.

Here’s What You Do Next:

Please sign the Design Retainer Agreement and fax
or email it back to us. The fax number is 301-330-9882
the email is info@ParamountConstruction.net.

Then call Tim Walker, our controller, at 301-948-7238
and give him a Visa card for $500.


You’re 100% happy or we’ll return your money,
no questions asked. Within days if you’re not totally
happy with what we’ve done, we’ll refund your money
and you can keep whatever deliverables you have.