7606 Granada Dr. Bethesda

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Conveniently located 8,300 square foot flat lot with walk-out rear yard. Walk a few short blocks to Landon School, Pyle Middle school and Walt Whitman High School. Your chance to have us design and build your dream home.

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How large is the building lot at 7606 Granada Drive?

8,300 square feet

Which direction will the front door face of the new home?

The front door will face east

What is the price for the building lot and the new home to be built?

The price will start at a minimum of $1.58M. The price will depend on the size and finish level of the new home we design and build.

Do you offer financing?

Yes we do. There are two methods of financing (three if you include all cash). The first is an acquisition loan (more expensive) and the second is a construction-perm loan.

Can a swimming pool be constructed on the lot?

Yes it can. The building lot is ideal for a swimming pool.

What is the topography of the lot?

The lot is flat from the street to the front door. The backyard is at a lower elevation than the front yard, but it is flat. So, the rear yard is a “walk-out” lower level. Which means it is excellent if you want a lot of glass in the basement.

Are there trees on the lot?

There are no trees

Address: 7606 Granada Dr., Bethesda, MD
Price: $1.68M
Lot Size (sqft): 8,300