Sales Letter Draft

Give me 20 minutes of your time today and I’ll show you how we can

Find Your Ideal Building Lot In Your Ideal Neighborhood

Best Part? We’ll also design, specify and calculate an exact price
to build your dream home, and I’ll show you the best way to finance the land
purchase and the construction of your
dream home.


Paramount Construction is making a private service we’ve offered the past few years to
a small group of people available to
of people a new custom home
service for time-crunched buyers of real estate who:

*Need to find their ideal building lot in the ideal neighborhood now!

*Don’t feel they have to settle for one of those “cookie-cutter” homes when spending
$1.3M or more on the land and new home

*Would like to eliminate the risk of buying a building lot by knowing all
if the lot can be built on and all the costs to build, BEFORE they make an offer on the lot

*Would like access prime building lots in Bethesda, McLean, Arlington, Chevy Chase and N.W.D.C.,
without competing with multiple buyers

Before you spend another minute of your precious time searching the same internet database
(Zillow, Redfin ,Trulia) every other buyer is searching…..

Ask yourself this…

Are you seeing tear-down properties and fixer-uppers in choice neighborhoods,
which meet your exact requirements?

If you can’t answer with a proud “YES”, then let’s fix that right now.

And look…

…the reason why your aren’t seeing ….isnt as importatnt as how we;’re going to get you
the dream building lot and new home fast.

How fast?

Thirty days from now, if you choose.

If you’d like to learn more, stop by today at our tear-down lot open house
today from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and I’ll show you how this