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Partial List of Other properties available:

*Bannockburn Coop New Home 8,600sf lot $1.3M
*Bannockburn Estates New Home 14Ksf lot $1.32M
*East Bethesda (different than above) New Home 6,600sf lot $1.42M
*Chevy Chase Section 5 New Home 6Ksf lot $1.8M
*Town of Somerset New Home 8,500sf lot $1.56M
*West Chevy Chase New Home 5Ksf lot $1.6M
*McLean New Home 14Ksf lot $1.3M
*City Of Falls Church New Home 12Ksf lot $1.2M
*Bethesda Wyngate New Home 8,700sf $1.32M
*Bethesda Wyngate New Home 8,200sf $1.23M
*Bannockburn Coop New Home 8,660 sf lot $1.29M
*Bradley Woods Bethesda New Home 14Ksf lot $1.79M
*8001 Newdale Road Bethesda New Home 6,600 sf lot $1.45M
*7008 Tyndale Street McLean 14,000 sf lot $1.35M
*4814 De Russey Pkwy. Chevy Chase 8,600sf lot $1.59M
*3834 8th St. S. Arlington 15Ksf lot $995K
*7500 Glenriddle Rd. Bethesda 14,600sf lot Bannockburn Estates new home $1.29M
*Edgeless Bethesda 10Ksf lot new home $1.59M

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