Here is one of three of our projects that have been nominated for Design and Quality Awards from the Maryland National Capital Building Industry Associations’ 2009 Custom Builder Awards.

This is a brand new Traditional Home in downtown Bethesda.

Even the neighbors love us:

Exterior walls have water resistant barrier

Exterior walls have water resistant barrier

This home has ZIP System® wall sheathing. This is a built-in, water-resistive barrier that eliminates the need for housewrap. We install the sheathing and tape the seams, and this becomes an all-in-one structural wall system and a water resistive barrier.

This wall system combines the stability and strength of a high-performing panel with the extra weatherability provided by the product’s water-resistive barrier.

We’ve found this to be a good system. One plus is that unlike housewrap, wind will not blow off the barrier during the construction process.

The manufacturer states that the panels “eliminate the risk of trapped water between housewrap and sheathing”. And the “built-in barrier controls drafts, which promotes energy efficiency and the barriers are specially engineered to allow the ZIP System walls to breathe”.

Arts & Crafts New Maryland Home

Arts & Crafts Bethesda Maryland Home For Sale

This new home will be ready for occupancy in spring 2009. It features Wood-Mode kitchen and bathroom cabinets. It has 9 foot ceilings in finished basement, main level and second floor. There is also a finished third floor level.

New Home For Sale in Downtown Bethesda. Walk to Bethesda restaurants & shopping.
Walt Whitman High School. Close to Bethesda Metro Station.

Panels are up and concrete is formed in time to beat the weather

Panels are up and concrete is formed in time to beat the weather