I don’t know if it’s the transplants from the west coast or that
DC really is just less conservative when it comes to home styles
than everyone seems to think.

But, over the last few years, we’ve had more and more
clients requesting contemporary and even modern design (modern
tends to have more of the raw building materials exposed – steel
girders, concrete floors).

Here’s the concept elevation of the new contemporary model home:

New Contemporary Style Home To Be Built In McLEan Virginia
New Contemporary Style Smaller Size Home

In fact, we think there is enough demand for contemporary style
homes that we’re designing a contemporary style home to be built
as a model home in downtown McLean this spring.

We’re dealing with some difficult zoning and setback issues in
Fairfax County now, but hope to push forward for a late spring
ground breaking.

We’re also noticing a trend toward smaller homes the last few years.
Some call it “right-sizing”, one writer actually refers to this trend
as ‘Smallville” homes.

So our contemporary new home model will be on the
smaller side of the home-size-scale. I’ll also have future
posts showing off our Kenwood-15 new semi-custom
home that we’re launching now in the City of Falls Church.
You’ll see The Kenwood in our smaller home series coming out soon.
This new home will be 100% luxury living on the first floor (2nd floor optional
and preliminary pricing coming in around $200K, but we’re still costing
it out).

Here’s the concept floor plans for our Cedar Model.
Please let me know what you think. We’d love your feedback,
so all comments are appreciated. This home
will is slated to be constructed as a modular

Contemporary New Home McLean Virginia Paramount Construction
New Model Home Floor Plan McLean Va. – Small New Home Series Semi-Custom Homes Coming Spring
Paramount Construction New Home Centemporary Model Home
Floor Plan for Semi-Custom You Can Customize Coming Soon

If you have more questions or you want to
get an early peak at our full new line of homes,
call me at 301-370-6463 enter your contact information here
and I’ll set up a tour of this home or others under construction in
Maryland, Virginia or DC:

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