Don’t Have Time To Design A Custom Home? Then Let Us Build A Semi-Custom Home To Save You Time

Not everyone is up for a custom home process. Admittedly, designing a custom
home has lots of advantages: you get exactly what you want, there are very few trade-offs
with the design, you can put all your money exactly where it’s most important to you.

But, the custom home planning process does take more time and there are more decisions to be made
than choosing a new home plan we’ve already designed or built. 

So, if you think you’re not up for a custom home design process, but you don’t want a plain
old cookie-cutter new home, you’ll definitely want to watch the entire video below.

You’ll see that designing and selecting your options and finishes doesn’t have to be 
intimidating or time consuming.

You’ll learn how one couple spent just two weeks to select a new home plan, choose all 
their finishes and model numbers (including colors) and pick the options
that were important to them for their new home in Arlington.

They were able to save lots of time and decision making
with our Semi-Custom new home process.



If you’d like to learn more about our process or learn more about our large list of prime tear-down building lots in
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