How Long Does It Take To Build A Home?

The Number One Question Homebuyers Want To Know:
How Long Does It Take To Build A Home?

how long does it take to build a home

How long will it take to build your home?

The answer depends on several
schedule milestones in our new home business process model.

Settlement On Tear-down Lot Impacts How Long It Takes To Build A Home

This usually depends on the seller of the property.

But, typically this will be two to three months from a
ratified land sales contract.

how long does it take to build a new home

Create New Home Plans & Specifications:

This will depend on how many design, pricing and selection
options you’d like to see and how decisive you are
making decisions.

We find two months is a brisk pace but quite doable, three
months is more comfortable and if you’d
like to explore lots of different design and selection options,
it could take even longer.

making all new home selections is critical before we submit new home plans to get a building permit

And anytime you request changes, please allow for more
research time and design time (and you may need more time
to make decisions and choose priorities).

And after all design and selection choices have been made,
we’ll apply for permits.

We’ve learned that if decisions (no matter how seemingly minor)
are not complete, changes to plans and to permits could cause
big delays and errors in the long run.

obtaining a building permit can take three or more months

Apply For Building and Demolition Permits When All Decisions
Are Made To Minimize The Time It Takes To Build A Home

Measure twice, cut once. I’m sure you’ve heard that one before.

Proper planning will prevent delays in the progress of the actual
construction of your home. So, as already mentioned above,
it’s best to have all decisions made before we go and apply for your permits.

It’s possible to make changes to the permit application, but it can
really cause delays and be a big head-ache in the permitting process.

Each municipality we build in has their own permit application
procedures and requirements.

building a new home in arlington for sale

But, typically, allow for three
to five months for Fairfax County, Arlington County and
Montgomery County.

If it’s an incorporated township like the Town of Somerset, the
Town of Chevy Chase or the City of Falls Church, allow for more
time due to another level of review by the township.

And sometimes in these townships, neighbors may have more input
on approvals.

If it’s in Washington D.C., plan on the permitting process to taking much,
much longer than in these other jurisdictions.

Construct New Home

Once we have the demolition permit and the building permit in hand,
we typically will be required to meet with the municipality inspector
on site.

The site inspector will direct us if there are additional requirements
regarding specific details related to site conditions.

For example, the site inspector may direct us as to where a temporary
driveway would be located.

Or the inspector may have special instructions for a sediment control
fence in order to control run off from a rain so debris does not travel into
the street or a neighboring property.

Our model generally is to build a home somewhere between seven
and nine months.|

This can be extended if there are weather conditions or vendor delays
or other events outside of our control.

If if the home design has special high-end or complex design details
or materials, or if the home is very large,
the time-line could go well beyond the seven to nine months.

Watch this video below

Watch this video below to learn how long the whole process from tear-down
lot purchase, to home design, permitting process and through building the
new home will take.




Frequently Asked Questions About How Long It Takes To Build A Home

How long does it take to build a home?

It depends on many details, but our model is seven to nine months. But, each home and each home plan will be a different build time.

What factors impact the time it takes to build a home?

There are many factors impacting the build time for a new home. The obvious factors are weather and vendor delays.

Some not so obvious factors are changes during the course of the construction. No matter how seemingly minor a change is,
all changes will impact the schedule in one way or another.

Does the timing of the change impact how long it takes to build a home?

Yes, when a change occurs in the design and building process will have major impacts on the home build schedule.

For example, changes made to the home plan prior to obtaining the home building permit may not have major impacts on the schedule.

But a change during the construction process could cause major delays and in some cases stop the job.

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