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The cost of a new home depends on the land cost,
the site costs and the home cost.

Land Cost

Land costs can vary widely. And it’s not as simple as going into Safeway and buying a can of beans that can be compared to beans at Costco, Giant and Trader Joes.

Land costs costs depend on each particular neighborhood and each particular seller and what deal can be negotiated.

Site Costs

Site costs are the cost of utilities, the cost to remove the existing home, the cost of bringing dirt or taking out of dirt, the cost of tree removal and the cost of retaining walls.

Each site will have it’s own unique site costs

Home Cost

The home cost depends on the size and finishes of each home. And with us, since we’ve never designed or built the same home twice and since every home is designed to fit perfectly on each building lot, a price per square foot does not have any application to our homes.

So in order for use to calculate an exact price on a custom plan, we’ve created our own very efficient, very quick and very accurate pricing method.

Watch the video below and you’ll learn how we actually are able to calculate an exact price on a custom home plan. And all without using any allowances which are meaningless and with precise site costs.

And what’s more remarkable, with our method our costs are created and presented the same day the custom plan is created.

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