New Home Custom Design and Feasibility Study

Watch what is included in our New Home Feasibility Service. Turn up your volume control.

Here is what we do for you:

1. Creation of concept custom home plans, which is a front elevation, floor plans of each floor
2. Creation of detail base specifications down to the model numbers of all selections and fixtures
3. Zoning analysis showing the setbacks and the lot coverage ratio
4. Utility analysis includes calculating the cost to connect WSSC/WASA, Pepco/Vepco,and Washington Gas
5. Site cost analysis which would include cost of any tree removal, excavation, retaining walls,driveways, etc.
6. Calculation of base house price

Here’s what this will do for you:

* You’ll know what the house will look like from the front elevation and concept floor plans
* You’ll know if the lot is buildable and if so, where on the lot you can build
* You’ll know what the site-specific costs
* You’ll know the cost to build the new home  
* You’ll know the utility connection and building permit costs are
* You’ll know exactly what materials will be in the base home, including all the fixtures the cabinets the flooring, all the exterior materials, the type of windows, the type of heating and cooling units
* Your risk will be removed – you’ll know your costs before you even submit an offer on any property (if you’re buying a property), so your risk of buying a property and then going over budget will be greatly reduced. 

The Fee for this service is $5,000

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