Rockmere Model

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The Rockmere Model, crafted by Paramount Construction, presents a pristine example of contemporary architecture. This home’s design is defined by its clean lines, expansive windows, and flat roof elements, creating a profile that is both striking and elegantly modern.

Stucco exteriors are complemented by dark window frames, offering a sleek contrast that accentuates the home’s geometric form. The Rockmere’s large windows not only provide a visual connection to the surrounding landscape but also ensure that each room within is awash with natural light.

Inside, the Rockmere boasts 5 bedrooms, each reflecting the home’s modern ethos with spacious layouts and minimalist design. The open-concept floor plan underscores a lifestyle that values fluidity and light, bringing together living, dining, and outdoor spaces in a harmonious flow.

The landscaping is crafted to align with the contemporary feel of the Rockmere, featuring structured designs that require minimal maintenance while enhancing the home’s curb appeal.

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Price: Price will depend on size & finishes of new home
Style: Contemporary