Reposition Your Home For Sale Without Spending A Penny

Problem: Buyers are can’t imagine what your home and property could look like with
a renovation, an improvement or as a new home.

If they could, your home would sell faster, for more money and with
fewer contingent contracts.

Case Study:
House on major road in Bethesda – 33,000 sf wooded lot
Positives: wooded, pretty lot, views, neighbrohood has $3M
homes on it.
Negative: topography has existing home sitting low, exiting
1960 rambler needs $200K of work,

Solution: minimize negatives and maximize positives of the lot

Reposition proposed new home with access off a superior street
Proposed new home plan with few windows and garage wall buffer
positioned to reduce traffic noise from River Road. Proposed new home
plan bank of glass windows positioned to show off the best private views
of the yard

Case Study: 2.6 acre property in Potomac

Here’s what we have for you: