This homeowner in Bethesda tells you why he chose Paramount to design and build their home

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Here’s Kevins at work creating architectural renderings and some
architectural interior design details of custom built-ins and
fireplaces mantle and hearths.

Gold Award First Place Maryland New Custom Home

Gold Award First Place Maryland New Custom Home

Read The Reasons why Bill chose Paramount Construction to
design and build his custom home

BILL: My name is Bill Adams.
I work at the Urban Institute.

INTERVIEWER: And before how did you make
the decision to go through the design and build process? What
was your process?

BILL: Well I think you know we were thinking
about do we need an architect first, do we, and we did. We talked to a couple of
architects, had them come out to our previous home and we were struggling
at the beginning with do we expand the house
that we have or do we tear it down and build a new one. And so we were looking
for a little guidance there. The first, or
actually more than one, a couple of architects we talked
to they didn’t give us that on the initial visit. And it was
going to
require us, you know investing some money. We didn’t feel
comfortable with that. So we kind of just you know, some time
went by, we went to a couple of open houses. And then one
time we went to an open house for Paramount Construction.
Paramount Construction was building a house in Falls Church.
And we were really impressed by the house. Very you know,
well make house, very good quality, well designed. And immediately we both felt that wow, these are really top-notch builders.
And we thought right then and there you know, this company is going to build our house for us.

And when we met with the Paramount professionals, they came out to our old house and we were, as I said we were unsure about
whether we should expand our old house or tear it down. And they went through a couple of different scenarios but in the end,
we trusted them and they had the recommendation of tearing down the old house and building a new house. And we felt very
comfortable after that conversation with them that we were doing the right thing.

INTERVIEWER: How did the whole process go? The design process with Paramount.

BILL: The process went great, very smooth. We would meet on a weekly basis with Paramount staff, with the architect and others.
And it was, it was very well planned out and we had at various times make decisions about certain features and we weren’t always
sure about what we wanted. And so we were presented several alternatives and you know after talking a little bit with the architect,
we were able to make decisions very quickly. And in many cases he was, the architect was recommending things that we hadn’t thought
of and suddenly a light bulb went off and said yeah, that’s what we want.

So it was, in that sense it was, it was a pretty easy process.

INTERVIEWER: And how about the quality of the workmanship?

BILL: The workmanship is superb. Just looking around the house, I mean the features are excellent, very detailed features. Very, you can
tell just looking at it, it’s very high quality work. And we’re just extremely happy with the way it came out.

INTERVIEWER: And you looked at like standard builder plans as part of your research.

BILL: We did. We looked at some model homes. We talked to a builder, another builder and we went to see one of the homes that he had
built. And it was, it was okay. It was nice but it just, it didn’t have that spark. Okay, it was basically a big box and had some nice features
inside. But what appealed to us about Paramount was the customized nature and the different features we could introduce into the home
to make it unique and to make it our own. And so you know, we did compare with other builders but I think none of those other builders
had what we wanted. But right away with Paramount, we knew okay, this is a company that I can handle customized designs, can handle
special features, and build it all into a home that we’d be happy with.

INTERVIEWER: Do you feel you paid any premium for that?

BILL: No, I mean I think we, it was really included in the baseline price, which we very much appreciated. Just the fact that we could have
an architect available to us at no cost, it was included in the whole package, we thought was tremendous.

FEMALE: Yeah, especially after we changed the plans.

BILL: Right, that’s true. Several times we had to make adjustments to the plan because of various issues that came up, in some cases out
of our control because the county had certain requirements about the footprint, the building space. And that’s one thing that impressed
us is that Kevin, the architect for Paramount, was able to really come up with some excellent alternative designs that met our needs.

INTERVIEWER: Were there any additional design fees with all these changes?

BILL: There were none. There were none. So we really appreciated that aspect of the whole project.