Elizabeth Razzi, a writer for the Washington Post Real Estate section, wrote on October 19, 2008:

“There will be some attractive federal tax credits …. you can research them at  ”

Here is a partial list from her article:

  1. for qualifying exterior doors, storm doors, metal roofs, insulation the tax credit will be 10% of the cost, up to a $500 credit
  2. Windows, skylights, storm windows will qualify for 10% of the cost, with a credit capped at $200
  3. Central AC and heat pumps will qualify for $300 credits
  4. Top efficiency furnaces or boilers that go beyond the government’s Energy Star standard will qualify for a $150 tax credit. Some super efficient tankless or electric heat pump water heaters will qualify for a $300 credit
  5. for solar water heaters (except those used for swimming pools) homeowners can get a tax credit covering 30% of the cost, up to $2000

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