Renovation financing gives you:

* More money to work with. The amount you can borrow is based on the expected increased value of your home, after improvements are made.
* Less Strain on Your Budget. You can pay for your renovation gradually and affordably, over the loan term of your mortgage.
* Less to Pay at Tax Time. Unlike other credit options, the interest you pay on funds used for a renovation may be tax deductible.
* Less Hassle. You’ll have one loan to apply for, one set of fees, one closing to attend, and one monthly payment to make.

Is Renovation Financing for You?
It is, if you have any plans for minor or major renovations to your home in the next six to 24 months. If you’re buying a house today and considering some home improvements next year, you may find it’s cheaper and easier to have the renovations done now with your financing for the purchase and the renovation all handled in one transaction.
All Kinds of Needs Covered
You should be able to finance any kind of improvement or repair to eligible properties.