Minutes from the Bethesda home for sale is the best shopping & dining Bethesda has to offer

Minutes from the Bethesda home for sale is the best shopping & dining Bethesda has to offer

This private wooded Bethesda home building lot is available
for sale on April 21.
The home for sale is located in Bethesda Maryland (home to be built). You’ll fall in love
with the walkable neighborhood. The streets are lined with trees and
lots of families and children live in the cluster.
The building lot and the existing home couldn’t be better located. It is in the very heart
of Bethesda. Here is one of the potential homes which could be built for sale
on the building site.
The Bethesda home for sale is located across the street
from Walt Whitman High School and down the road from Pyle Middle
School. Kenwood Country Club is a mile or so down River Road.
And a shopping strip center further down River Road hosts a
Whole Foods Grocery.

You’ll have three metro subway stations that you could easily drive to.
The first metro station is the Bethesda Metro at Wisconsin Ave.
This station is about 2 miles away. The second metro station
is the Friendship Heights Metro. This metro station is also about 2 miles
from this Bethesda home for sale. And the third metro station
is in Chevy Chase, the Tenley-town metro. Here is a video of the
existing Bethesda home for sale which would be torn down and a video
of the gorgeous wooded lot which is 33,000 sf — truly a rare find
in Bethesda.

Since the house for sale is located in downtown Bethesda, it
goes without saying that you could drive just a few minutes
to all the fine dining and shopping downtown Bethesda has
to offer. The Crescent Trail is a few minute bike ride away
and you can bike or walk to the Bethesda central
business district. You can also bike or walk to the canal and the
Potomac River near Glen Echo. Here is another home plan that
we could build on this Bethesda home for sale building lot

Once you get to downtown Bethesda you could just browse and hang out
reading books at the Barnes and Noble. Or if you’d like to take in a movie
there is a cinema right off of Bethesda Ave. And for those that love
computers and technology, the Bethesda Apple has all the new Apple iPads,
Apple iPhones or Apple MacBooks.

After you’ve caught a bite of food to eat at any one of
the outstanding restaurants Bethesda has to offer, you might just
get right back on your roller blades or bicycle and continue down the Crescent
Trail until you pedal into the Kennedy Center.

Check out the home for sale (to be built) in Bethesda Maryland here.

And if you need a Bethesda rental home to stay in during the time
your new home is being built you can choose one of these rental
homes in Bethesda.

This is an article from Robyn Griggs Lawrence of Home Living Magazine

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Homebuyers want the benefits of more energy efficient new houses, but, are they willing to pay for these features?

Well, according to a recently conducted member survey of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) – Homeowners are not willing to pay that much for these features.

Only 57% of buyers were willing to pay more for “green
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This is just more evidence that cost/benefit is a key factor in most buyers decision to GO GREEN.

Features that improve water efficiency were preferred more by home buyers in the west, while interest in using recycled materials is relatively higher in the Northeast, and rather low in the South.

Although only 11% of builders nationwide reported clients requesting environmentally friendly features, energy efficiency is still the primary motivation in the green building movement.
The NAHB said “In all, survey findings indicate that, as Congress continues to debate how to encourage more energy-efficient construction via new legislation, it must keep affordabilty in mind and look for ways to incentivize changes, not only to newly built homes but to the overall housing stock.”

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