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We’re launching a new semi-custom line of homes this spring.
This new line of homes will include a foundation of eight
award winning new homes previously built.

We’ll be adding several new home plan styles to our foundation of eight,
that our market research has indicated, the Washington DC market is

The new home designs coming out in the spring
will be the result of focus group studies and
interviews with our clients and home building prospects
we have been conducting the last several months
and are ongoing over the next few months.

To give you a hint of what our
research has shown (it’s not
what you think), here is a peak of one of the new home
plans Kevin, our architect, is creating:

Ranch Style New Home Floor Plan

Here is one of many new home plans we are designing now for our new Semi-Custom home line coming out in the Spring 2011

We’ve had a large demand for first floor master suite homes and homes
with just one floor. So we are in the process of designing several home
plan prototypes.

If you’d like to be included in any of our studies (and possibly our model home
program). Send an email to

I’d appreciate it if you let me know below what you like or don’t like about this
floor plan. And if you have any suggestions that you’d like to see added.
Also, do you have any suggestions on new home plans that you’d like to
see in the future, please comment below.

Ever meet a stuffy architect? Think they’re easy to work with?
Think the home design process would be fun with one of those “big-name” architects?

Life is too short.

Our home design process is smooth, easy & fun.
No limits on how much design for your home.
No limits on how much time on your design.
Every design detail explored.
No ego on our side. We just want create the best
design for your home.

Watch one of our home design meetings here:

Take a look at the award winning finished product:

Log Home Addition Award Winning Project Architectural Details

Award Winning Architectural Details Log Home Addition Renovation

Architectural Design Details Log Home In Rockville Maryland

Interior Design Architectural Detailing Goes Into Our Projects

Click here to look at more project photos of this award winning log home renovation addition here.