Two New Homes in The Town of Chevy Chase

We have two new homes under construction in the Town of Chevy Chase.
One is a contemporary new home and one is an Arts and Crafts new home.

Partial list of other new homes for sale:

  1. 8808 Chalon Drive Bethesda – 1 acre
  2. Town of Chevy Chase building lot for sale
  3. Section 5 Chevy Chase Williams Lane
  4. 5908 Rolston Road Bethesda Wyngate
  5. Fairfield Road East Bethesda
  6. Kentucky Ave. East Bethesda
  7. Mohican Hills Bethesda 12,000 sf lot
  8. Mohican Hills Bethesda 16,000 sf lot
  9. Kenwood Park Bethesda 9,000 sf lot
  10. Landon Wood Bethesda 8,700 sf lot
  11. 5908 Beech Ave. Wyngate Bethesda 
  12. Danville Road N. Bethesda 22,000 sf lot
  13. Murray Road Brookdale Chevy Chase 11,000 sf lot
  14. Trent St. Town of Chevy Chase 11,000 sf lot
  15. Kent Gardens McLean 14,000 sf lot
  16. Palisades N.W.D.C. 8,000 sf lot
  17. Forest Hills N.W.D.C. 13,000 sf lot

Call 301-370-6463  to learn more about these and other prime building lots