Panelized Custom Homes are Similar to PreFab Homes & Share Many of the Benefits

Prefabricated homes are a relatively new concept in architecture and building. In fact one reason why prefabricated homes are currently not as popular as they should be is because there just isn’t alot of information out there.

A Panelized home is similar to a prefab home, but as its name implies, is built of panels, or sections of walls. The panelized sections fit together much like pieces of a puzzle.

A prefabricated home is a house that is built off site, and is assembled on site. A Penalized home is built the same way – off site. The panel sections and components that we use are built in a very large warehouse. The equipment in the plant is very high tech. The lumber is actually cut using laser guided equipment. So the lumber cuts are very clean and precise.

Another interesting feature of panelized construction is that design flexibility is just as great as stick framing. If our architect can draw it we can build it with panels. Prefabricated homes are almost as flexible design-wise as panelized construction.
In addition, panlized and  prefabricated homes are usually composed of environmental friendly materials, and compared to ordinary stick built homes, the amount of wood used is considerably less. And therefore, there is less waste.

And since the panels are essentially built in an indoor plant, weather does not adversely impact the lumber as much as it would if the home were stick built on the site. With stick built homes the piles of lumber sit out on site in the weather. Many times the lumber can become more warped and twisted when rain and moisture make contact with the wood.