13 Best Home Builders In Chevy Chase, Maryland

The 13 Best Home Builders in Chevy Chase

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Who are the best home builders in Chevy Chase Maryland? Read below to find out.

Chevy Chase Maryland

Chevy Chase, Maryland, is the perfect location if you want a quaint, safe suburban community outside Washington, D.C., to retire or raise a family.

This city has a small population of under 10,000 and is full of restaurants, coffee shops, and beautiful green parks. The 20th-century architecture combined with the green scenery makes Chevy Chase a highly desired location for anyone looking for builders in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

If you are finally ready to retire, settle down, and own the house of your dreams, you may be starting to look for Chevy Chase new home builders to help make your dream home a reality.

We’re here to walk you through everything you need to know about Chevy Chase and to find a Chevy Chase home builder that’s right for you.

Let’s dive in.

Why you should consider buying a home in Chevy Chase

Best Chevy Chase builders

City life isn’t for everyone. Chevy Chase is an excellent choice if you are looking for a smaller, more community-centric location outside of the bustling city of Washington D. C.. Chevy Chase is the #1 ranked place to retire and #7 best place to live in Maryland. 

You may be happy to know that the crime rate in Chevy Chase is 65% lower than in the rest of the state of Maryland. Making it the perfect location to raise a family, feel safe and secure, and not worry about pesky crimes.

Here are a few of the safest parts of town to consider: Friendship Heights, Friendship Village, Bethesda, and Town Center.

The best part is: Undeniably, the schools are highly ranked and recognized as some of the best public schools in Maryland. For a full list of schools in the area, check out this list. 

If you’re sold on finding a Chevy Chase home builder for your custom home, here are a few of our top choices.

Top 13 Chevy Chase home builders

13 Best Home Builders In Chevy Chase Maryland

1. Mitchell Best Homes

Mitchell Best Homes have over 45 years of experience building and designing custom homes. They are also a quality home builder in Chevy Chase who understands how important it is to create a custom home that fits your needs as a family. 

2. Tulacro Development 

Since 2004, Tulacro Development has been a leader in custom home building in Montgomery County. They are a quality choice for custom home building projects throughout the county.

3. Paramount Construction

We might be a little partial to Paramount Construction, but, Paramount Construction is an award-winning Chevy Chase new home builder. Paramount has the largest list of new homes and building lots in Chevy Chase and the DC area. This Chevy Chase home builder also has an in-house architect who has been with them for over 23 years. Paramount Construction has never designed or built the same home twice, so your custom home of choice is unique to you and your needs. For the whole experience, check out Paramount Constructions’ excellent new home plans.

4. Cherry Hill Custom Homes

Cherry Hill Custom Homes focus on thoughtful craftsmanship and building stunning homes in the Chevy Chase area. Additionally, they pride themselves in developing beautiful, unique custom homes that fit their client’s dreams. 

5. Mid-Atlantic Custom Builders

Mid-Atlantic Custom Builders is a top-of-the-line home builder in Chevy Chase that focuses on design and innovation. They proudly build new custom homes on your land or, there’s, and are ready to bring your home project to life. 

6. Westbrooke Homes

Westbrooke Homes is a home builder in Chevy Chase that has been designing and constructing homes for over 30 years. They are focused on building a beautiful home and turning dreams into reality.

7. 1020 Builders LLC

As a custom home builder focusing on senior living, 1020 Builders has proudly built over 2.75 million sq feet of construction. They focus on senior living facilities, custom homes, hospitality, and multi-family homes.

8. Chase Builders

Chase Builders is a trusted builder in the Chevy Chase and Maryland communities who loves bringing custom home projects to life. Visit their website to see some of their work or recently sold homes. 

9. Rivers Edge Builders, LLC

Rivers Edge Builders focuses on luxury, classic homes. They value quality and only employ skillful artisans workers to turn your dream home into a reality. 

10. EJALE Group, LLC

EJALE is an experienced residential and commercial Chevy Chase home builder. They offer various services and will surely bring your home-building project to the next level. 

11. Landis Architects and Builders

Landis is one of Washington D.C.’s top renovation firms and has over 31 years of experience in architectural and construction building. Also,they value design and innovation and are a trustworthy choice for a Chevy Chase home builder. 

12. Laurence Cafritz Builders

Cafritz Builders has been in the business for over 29 years and has completed over 92 projects in the Chevy Chase area and surrounding neighborhoods. They specialize in building and renovations and will handle your custom home project with the utmost care.

13. Chesapeake Energy Homes

If you are looking for a modular home, Chesapeake energy homes may be your home building company. Visit their website to learn more about their custom homes and modular home renovations.

New Custom Homes in Chevy Chase

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5200 Murray Road Chevy Chase

This beautiful 11,900 sq ft lot near Brookdale is just six blocks from the Friendship Heights Metro, Whole Foods, Mazza Gallery, and everything Chevy Chase offers. Plus, this spacious, wide building lot can fit a side-load multiple-car garage and a swimming pool. Finally, if you are looking for a large lot to help make your dream home come true, 5200 Murray road may be your solution.

Town of Somerset Chevy Chase – 5529 Surrey Street  

Somerset is getting a new, custom luxurious home on a 12,400 sq ft lot. Situated in the Town of Somerset and just a few blocks from the Somerset swimming pool, this location is sure to transform into the home you’ve always wanted in Chevy Chase. Check out our video to see some of our custom home-built ideas for this lot. Check out our video here. 

Merrick Model 

Our Merrick Model is a must-see custom home design. This home will fit a 10,000 sq ft lot anywhere in the Chevy Chase or Bethesda area. Additionally, the home has a ten-foot ceiling and a gorgeous open floor plan that was made for hosting and get-togethers. It even features a first-floor office and a full in-law suite in the basement. There is an optional full kitchen and a walk-up basement exterior entrance. Check out our video to experience this custom home and see if it’s right for you.

If you like these custom new homes in Chevy Chase or want to see more, contact us today to set up a strategy call. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Builders in Chevy Chase, Maryland

I’m ready to build my home in Chevy Chase, Maryland! Do home builders provide home plans, or do I need to provide my own?

Once you’ve picked the ideal location to settle down and build your new home, you can start designing a home right for you. Moreover, we have a full suite of free plans you can look through for custom home inspiration. Keep in mind: we never build the same home twice! We make our plans fit your size or lot, your needs, and your vision.

How do I find a lot for sale in Chevy Chase, Maryland, for my home?

We keep an updated list of lots for sale in Chevy Chase and the surrounding neighborhoods on our website. You can visit our list of lots for sale in the Chevy Chase area to see if they fit your needs. 

What are some benefits of selling my home to a builder instead of putting it on the market?

When you sell your home to a Chevy Chase home builder like Paramount Construction, you don’t have to worry about making any repairs or changes. We offer a hassle-free experience, and you don’t have to worry about commission charges. This means you can increase your net proceeds! To learn more, click here. 

Chevy Chase home builders: Conclusion

In conclusion, Chevy Chase, Maryland, is an attractive choice to build a home and settle down. Obviously, the community is the perfect place to enjoy life, retire, and finally construct the custom home of your dreams. As you start your research for a Chevy Chase new home builder that fits your needs, consider Paramount Construction. We are here to help you find a home or lot for sale in Chevy Chase or any surrounding neighborhood. 

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