New Home For Sale Town Of Somerset

Town Of Somerset New Home For Sale

Town of Someret New Home For SAle

Main Level of New Home For Sale Somerset

Chevy Chase Maryland Town of Somerset Home For Sale

Upper Level Town Of Somerset New Home For Sale

New Home For Sale Chevy Chase Town Of Somerset

Lower Level Home For Sale in Town of Somerset

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before it’s gone!

New home to be built on 14,000sf+ building lot in
the Town of Somerset.
This new home will have 6200 square
feet of finished space.

$3.4M for land and new home to be built
14K sf+ lot
Town of Somerset
6200sf above finished space
Real estate brokers are welcome.

Town of Somerset New Home For Sale
Enjoy great schools, pool and tennis courts.
Walk to Friendship Heights Metro.

This is a exclusive private sale.
Call 301-370-6463 now or email

Hurry on this one before it’s gone!

10K sf lot
Town of Somerset
3300sf above basement finished

Home ready to move into “as-is”.
Recently remodeled home for sale in the Town of Somerset
Enjoy great schools, pool and tennis courts.
Walk to Friendship Heights Metro.

This is a exclusive private sale.
Call 301-370-6463 now or email

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Here are several versions of home additions and renovation
options that we have shown to prospective home purchasers
for 7605 Honesty Way Bethesda Home for sale:

Front Home Remodeling Elevation Bethesda Home For Sale

Front Elevation Bethesda Home For Sale at 7605 Honesty WAy

Here is a architectural rendering of a proposed two story addition and renovation floor plan to
a home in Chevy Chase Maryland:

Floor plan of 1st floor renovation and home addition Chevy Chase Md

1st Floor home plan for addition to Chevy Chase Home

Proposed 2nd floor home plan for addition to home in Chevy Chase Md.

Proposed 2nd floor floorplan to home in Chevy Chase Md.

Here is a reduced version of a home addition to a home in Bethesda:

Bethesda Maryland Addition To a Home

Bethesda Home Addition

2nd Floor Floor Plan Bethesda Maryland Home Addition

2nd Floor Floorplan home addition

Here are some of our favorite resources for new home building:

Division 1 – Structural Engineers

Hacopian Enterprises, Inc
Sam Hacopian
301 983-4931

Division 1 – Land Surveyor

Land Engineering, plc
Lloyd A. Ntuk

Division 2- Landscape Subcontractor

Clearwater Landscape & Nursery
Doug Goetze

Division 3 – Concrete Subcontractor

JSC Concrete Construction, Inc.
John Cerqueria

Poolesville Concrete Company Inc.

Village Concrete
Harjit Chawla

Division 4- Flagstone & Brick Supplier

Potomac Valley Brick and Supply Co.
Roland King
301 309-9600

Division 4 – Flagstone & Brick Subcontractor

Pereira Construction, LLC
John Pereira

J. Sanchez Masonry, Inc.
Amilcar Sanchez
240 899-9443

Division 5 – Ornamental Railing Subcontractor

Beltway Iron Company, Inc.
Rob Herr

Reliable Rails, Inc.
Lawrence Giles

Division 6 – Lumber Supplier

Barrons Lumber
Valerie Mercier
301 948-6600

Division 6 – Lumber, Cornice & Trim Subcontractor

TW Perry
Tim Giles

Homestead Building Systems, Inc.
Matt Danner

Construction Services and Supply
Todd Wood; John Steinbruck

Division 6 – Granite and Corian Supplier

Designer Surfaces Unlimited, Inc.
Jeannie Russell

E & C Marble & Granite, Inc.
Evelyn Carter

Division 7 – Roofing Supplier

The Roof Center
Mike Tansey
301 948-6066

Division 7 – Roofing Subcontractor

Topper Construction
Dave Rentschler

SBL Enterprise, Inc.
Rose Ferraro

Division 7 – Siding Subcontractor

Washington Building Contractors, Inc.
David Lee

Topper Construction
Dave Rentschler

Division 7 – Insulation Subcontractor

Devere Insulation
Michelle Griffit

G & B Insulation Company
Greg Fulcher

Division 8 – Exterior Doors & Windows Supplier

Builders Window & Door
Al Landaman

Division 8 – Garage Doors

Fred C. Johnson Company, Inc.
Bob Swigert

Division 9 – Painting Subcontractor

Angel’s Painting
Jose Moreno

V.R. Painting, Inc.
Remus Vlad

Division 9 – Drywall Subcontractor
Total Drywall
Jimmy Kraft

Division 9 – Ceramic Tile & Hardwood Flooring Supplier & Subcontractor

Builders Floor Service, Inc.
Greg Stone
703-569-6000 x605

Division 9 – Ceramic Tile Supplier

Mosaic Tile Company
Michael Lowden

Division 9 – Carpet Subcontractor
Atlas Flooring
Bill Skowron

Division 10 – Shower Door Subcontractor

The Shower Door King
Al Burch

Glass and More, Inc.
Spencer Spencer

Division 10 – Mirrors Subcontractor

B & K Distributors, Inc.
Keith Harrington

Division 10 – Door Hardware Subcontractor

B & K Distributors, Inc.
Keith Harrington

Taylor Security & Lock Company, Inc.
Adam Bernick

Division 10 – Fireplace Subcontractor

Fireplace Solutions
Kurt Bromwell

Division 11 – Appliances Supplier

Appliance Builders Wholesalers
Lori Horwitz

Division 15 – Plumbing Fixtures

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc
Ashli Holmes
301 424-1393

Paul Murray

Union Hardware, Inc.
Alex Abarca

Division 15 – Plumbing Subcontractor

PC Godaire, Inc.
Tim Godaire

Robert A. Tull, Inc.
Tony Tull
301 948 2490

All Around Plumbing, Inc.
Brenden Madden

Division 15 – HVAC Subcontractor

WH Metcalfe & Sons, Inc.
John Burke

SCW, Inc.
Tom Le

Jama Heating & Cooling, Inc.
Jose Mendez

Division 15 – Fire Protection Subcontractor

Fire Tech
Dee Jayasuriya

Division 16 – Electrical Fixtures

Dominion Electric Supply Company, Inc.
Oscar Moreno
301 470-2121

Rexel (formerly Branch Electric)
Mike Case

Division 16 – Electrical Subcontractor

Lapole Electric, Inc.
Gary Lapole

Hawkins Electric Service, Inc.
Tom Mailin

Contact offices

Montgomery County- City Of Rockville
Planning and Zoning Division
Department of Community Planning and Development Services

Montgomery County – City Of Rockville
Department of Transportation
Ronald Vaughn

Montgomery County – City Of Rockville
Department of Park & Planning
Steve Smith

County Of Fairfax, VA
Department of Planning & Zoning
Lisa Feibelman

County Of Fairfax, VA
Community Development & Planning
David Hudson, Director
Phone: 703.385.7820

County Of Fairfax, VA
Parks & Recreation
Micheal McCarty
Phone: 703.385.7858

City of Falls Church, VA
Departmen of Development Services – Zoning Division
John Boyle, Zoning Administrator

City of Falls Church, VA
Departmen of Planning
Debra Gee

City of Falls Church, VA
Departmen of Transportation
Wendy Sanford

City of Falls Church, VA
Departmen of Parks & Recreation
Lisa Reed

Sandy Spring Bank
Jeff Nelson 301-706-4660
Construction Loans

Suntrust Bank

Modular, prefab, stick, panel, these are all just different methods of construction.
And there are pluses and minuses with each.

For instance, on an addition or a renovation to an existing home, usually, the only
choice that makes any sense is to stick frame.

But when it comes to a new home, stick framing the entire home is probably not
the best option. Stick framing is probably a favorite method of most small builder.
But it has a lot of limitations when it comes to quality.

Watch these videos to see why (future posts will go over pros and
cons of modular and prefab methods):

Watch Part 1 here

Watch Part 2 here

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With owning a home affordability getting better and home mortgage rates still near historic lows, the timing could be perfect for buying a new home. And in this relatively flat market or marginally up (at least inside the Washington DC beltway – Bethesda, Chevy Chase, McLean, Arlington, Falls Church – specifically) market, there are many options to consider. But before you start contemplating about the home style and number of bedrooms, here’s a real quick overview of some segments of the Maryland, Virginia Washington DC housing market.

1. “Resale” homes probably represent the biggest percentage of the market. Built years, or even decades ago, these homes were designed and built to reflect the requirements and the tastes of previous owners. They may be outfitted with outdated fixtures and technologies, and have poor construction. Buyers of these homes often fall in love with them for their character, their location or their “good-enough” fit with their needs, and accept the necessity of investing additional time and resources in remodeling and rebuilding.

2. “Spec” homes are built based on the speculation that a buyer can be found during or shortly after construction. These new homes may be designed with up-to-date floor plans and features to fit current preferences. When acquired before completion, a buyer may be able to select some finishing touches. But this type of home construction may also be designed to minimize cost and get the largest proceeds for the home builder, potentially leaving homeowners with less than the best materials and designs that are not as contemporary.

3.“Custom” homes are built according to the buyer’s specifications, usually on land they already own. While this type of new home construction embodies only ten percent of the market, it gives the homeowner the most control. Working with an “on your lot” custom home builder, the buyer determines all facets of home construction—from site selection to the home’s style, size and floor plan, types of windows and doors, flooring and siding, and all the details—cabinets, lighting fixtures, drawer pulls, paint colors, etc.
While “on your lot” home builders are sometimes thought of as large home builders, they can also accommodate today’s trend towards “right-sizing”. These days a custom home builder may work on smaller homes starting around 1500 square feet. Benefits include keeping material and labor costs to a minimum (potentially in the low $250,000 range), and customizable floor plans.
In keeping with price sensitive and “green” lifestyles, another benefit of working closely with a new custom home builder is the opportunity to incorporate the latest energy- and resource-efficient products and trends. Per the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), “Today’s homes are built twice as energy efficient as new homes a generation ago, making them more affordable (” The latest in energy-efficient materials¹ include windows with low-emittance (low-E) glass coatings, upgraded insulation, high efficiency HVAC systems, geo-thermal HVAC systems (check this new home in Falls Church with Geo Thermal ) house wraps and tight construction.
Federal tax credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency² may also be available for new home construction, covering 30% of the cost of materials and labor for systems such as geothermal heat pumps, solar water heaters, solar panels and residential fuel cells. Note that in order to qualify, these systems must be placed in service before the end of 2016.An added bonus for those considering purchases of custom homes—”Current costs ( of building a new home are relatively low,”—according to Jason Dickens, president of the Athens Area Homebuilders Association. 2009 lumber and other material prices have dropped considerably when compared to 2005. “Right now is a very good time to build a house.”
Also, if you’d like to delve into modular home design and construction or prefabricated home building techniques, let us know. We have a new home line of semi-custom homes coming out in 2011.
So, while the acquisition of an existing “resale” or “spec” home will more than likely involve trade-offs, a custom home is a good option that offers real value in function, design and satisfaction—and the fulfillment of owning the home of your dreams.