Custom Home Creation Process Is Fast & Easy

How We Create Custom Homes

People think designing a custom home is complex, time consuming and expensive.

But with our process, it doesn’t have to be at all.

We’ve Never Designed or built the Same Home Twice

We’re very different than other home builders. We’ve never created the same home twice. All our homes are created to fit perfectly on each building lot.

We’ve realized when clients spend $2M or more on a new home, they want what they want and they prefer to have something that suits their requirements exactly.

And I would too if I’m spending that kind of money a my home.

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All Our Homes Are Designed to Fit Perfectly on The Lot

So our process is different than other builders who try to find a building lot that will fit one of their stock house plans.

We create the plan to fit the lot. And since we have a very large inventory of desirable lots, for us, it’s all about which building lot you want.

Before you ever put any money at risk on a lot, we’re creating the plan to fit the lot so you can see how the new home will sit on the property.

Over the years, we’ve developed a unique and efficient process to create custom home plans.

Usually we create a quality custom concept home plan in a matter of days.

The process is fast and easy and allows us to calculate an exact cost to build usually by the same day we’ve created the custom plan!

Home plan website with 100’s of home plans


Over the years, we’ve created a large library of hundreds of pretty cool new home plans.

We have plans that are fresh and current. And our plans are created to fit seamlessly into the most desirable neighborhoods in the Washington D.C. metro area.

When you get access to our password protected home plan website, you’ll view the most current designs we’re building in the DC area today.

This makes it easy and fast for you to communicate what you like and don’t like to award winning home design team.

You may like pieces or parts of the exterior of one of our plans and like the first floor of a different plan and like the way the second floor flows of a third plan of ours.

You’ll easily be able to communicate your preferences to our design staff by using this invaluable new home plan website resource.

And the result will be a custom home design you’ll love that will fit perfectly on the lot in less than a week.

Start your custom home process now

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