Home Building Process

Home Building Process

Free Design Consultation

One of our design consultants will gladly come to your home and listen to your ideas, needs and design concepts, discuss general prices, define a budget, explain the Design/Build process and explain how the firm will help accomplish your wishes.

Design Retainer

Upon signing a design retainer, one of our designers will take measurements and photos of your property, prepare fundamental sketches, and give a detailed cost spreadsheet of the project.

Permit Drawing Retainer

A full set of plans is drawn which includes side elevations, foundation plan, floor plan, framing layout, roof lines, an appliance and fixture schedule, a room finish schedule, and specifications. In addition, a construction contract proposal with terms and conditions for the scope and cost of work is provided. Any engineering reports or city requirements are pursued at this time. Upon signing a construction contract, the client receives the plans.

Construction Contract

Anything that has been discussed between the designer and the client must be written, or else it will not be considered part of the agreement between client and contractor. Anything else that the client wishes to have done will be executed through a written change order to the contract.

Project Preparation

After a construction contract is signed, the contractor will need four to twelve weeks to prepare the project properly. This includes all material lists, subcontract agreements, schedule charts, job folders, special orders made and in stock before construction starts, selections made, job cost budgets, material purchase shopping, utilities ordered, and personnel scheduled.

Pre-Construction Conference

Before work commences, the client, project manager, and lead carpenter meet to discuss and further clarify the scope of the project and make any final adjustments necessary that are of concern. The construction work should begin soon after.

Construction Start

Now that everything has been properly prepared while outside of your home, the work can be done in an expeditious manner. We will try to be as considerate as possible, knowing that this interruption of your normal routine can be difficult.