12 Best Selling Smaller New Homes

12 Best Selling Smaller New Homes

We can design and build a small new home just for you on your lot or one of our building lots.

We can create plans and small new homes with first floor bedrooms, elevators, rental units, etc.

We design and build all smaller new homes to fit perfectly on each building lot. And our small new home plans will use the space on the lot in the most efficient way. No matter the building lot shape.

Please watch some of the videos below to get ideas of what type of home we can design and build for you.

And here’s a link to schedule a new home strategy call to discuss your requirements on your new smaller home.

One reason small homes are gaining popularity in the luxury custom new home market is that they are more affordable than larger homes.

With the high cost of land and construction materials, many people are looking for ways to reduce the overall cost of their new home, and building a smaller home can be a cost-effective solution.

Small houses are generally easier and less expensive to maintain, saving money on utilities, repairs, and other expenses over the long term.

Another reason for the popularity of small homes in the luxury custom new home market is small homes are more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Small homes are typically more energy-efficient because small homes require less heating and cooling and tend to use fewer materials and resources during construction. This can appeal to buyers looking for a home that is not only beautiful and luxurious but also environmentally responsible.

Furthermore, small homes are gaining popularity because these homes can be more functional and efficient than larger homes.

We design and organize our small homes to maximize the use and function of the interior space. This means using less furniture and decor and organizing the space in a way that maximizes its use.

This can be especially appealing to people who value simplicity and functionality and want to live in an uncluttered home and easy to maintain.

Small homes are also gaining popularity because they are more flexible and adaptable than larger ones.

Since Small homes have a smaller footprint, a wider range of lots and locations are candidates for building lots.

And we can easily modify and expand the home footprint to your exact requirements and to the dimensions of each building lot.

Buyers who want a home that can grow and evolve with them may find the flexibility of small homes appealing, as it allows them to avoid being stuck with a fixed and inflexible floor plan.

In conclusion, small homes are gaining popularity in the luxury custom new home market for several reasons, including their affordability, sustainability, functionality, and flexibility.

As more and more people seek out beautiful, luxurious, and sustainable homes, the popularity of small homes is likely to continue to grow.