10 Best Home Builders In McLean Virginia

McLean, Virginia, is a beautiful small suburb located in Northern Virginia with a population of around 50,000. The city is full of greenery, has a historic feel, and is considered a community-centric city with tons of coffee shops, restaurants, and stores of all kinds.

If you are looking for suburban life in one of the best neighborhoods outside of the city, McLean may be the location for you.

But what makes McLean so unique?

Since it is situated just 10 miles away from Washington D.C., it is a prime location for commuters who are not interested in living in the city.

Many governmental and military officials reside in the area or retire here because of the proximity, generous acreage for home building, and beautiful greenery. The city is also the home of Hickory Hill, one of the Kennedy’s iconic houses.

According to the American Community Survey, McLean is considered the third wealthiest city in the United States. Although the price of living is higher than most of the surrounding neighborhoods, the quality of life is worth the high price tag.

The McLean Community is rich in history, luxury homes, and beautiful national preserves. The low crime rate, top-of-the-line primary schools, and family-friendly environment are just a few of the reasons families everywhere are deciding to settle down in McLean, Virginia.

McLean, Virginia, is also ranked number 2 in Virginia for the best public schools and has a large assortment of public school options that are highly ranked and recognized. You can see a full list of schools below.

If you are looking to move to McLean and start a life or retire, you may consider looking for new home builders in the McLean area that you can trust with the construction of your home from start to finish.