11 Best Home Builders In Arlington Virginia

The 11 Best Home Builders in Arlington, Virginia

Learn more about the 11 best home builders in Arlington, Virginia.

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This article is about the 11 Best Home Builders in Arlington, Virginia.

Arlington, Virginia, is very desirable city to live in and therefore is a very popular place to build a new home in. Arlington is a gorgeous city full of beautiful greenery, history, and an assortment of coffee shops, shopping, and entertainment. No wonder the city is ranked #2 in the best cities in the United States! 

Whether you’re looking to raise a family or start a life of your own, Arlington is the picture-perfect place to do it. As you start your home hunt and search for the best new home builder or an Arlington new home builder, we’re here to help you choose a builder that fits your needs, learn more about the perks of living in this beautiful city and shop for homes that are right for you. 

Why you should consider buying a home in Arlington, VA

Whether you’re looking for Arlington’s new home builders to build a house to start a family or to move your family, you’ll be happy to know that the public schools in Arlington are among some of the best in all of Virginia.

The public schools in the city are ranked #2 in the best quality of education in Virginia and ranked number #2 in the safest schools to attend in Virginia. 

For a list of public and private schools in Arlington, VA: check out this top-ranked list.

The city also has an incredibly low crime rate! If you are looking for the safest, family-friendly neighborhood in the Arlington area, here are a few to consider: Lyon Village, Old Glebe, or North Rosslyn.

If you are ready to start your research for Arlington home builders, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s look at our top picks for Arlington home builders to build your dream home. 

Top 11 Arlington home builders

1. Sorensen Homes

If you are looking for an Arlington new home builder with years of experience, Sorensen Homes may be the builder for you. For more than 65 years, Sorensen Homes has been building top-of-the-line custom homes for its clients in the Arlington area. They specialize in custom homes, renovations, and additions. 

2. Marks-Woods Construction Services, LLC

Marks-Woods Construction Services has a passion for creativity and an eye for some of the best luxury renovations in Arlington, VA. As a top-rated constructive service that values creativity and cares about craftsmanship, you can’t go wrong with their services. 

3. Heinz Home Improvements and Services, Inc.

Heinz Home Improvements has the experience to help you make your dream home a reality. As you research Arlington home builder companies and find one that’s right for you, you can rest assured that if you choose Heinz will care for your home project like it’s their own. From home repairs to redesigns, they will provide quality performance to all projects you trust them with.

4. MK Development

MK Development is an Arlington new home builder that provides construction services for residential, commercial, and government buildings. Check out their portfolio to see if their home-building services and designs are right for you.

5. Troutman & Company Inc.

From new homes to renovations, Troutman & Company is a full-service company delivering some of the finest homes in the Arlington area. They pride themselves in turning dreams into a reality for their clients and are sure to impress you with their quality, dedication, and passion for home building.

6. Crestwood Companies

Founded in 1996, Crestwood Companies is an industry leader that creates custom home building solutions for families of all sizes in the Arlington Area. They specialize in design-build homes and are ready to take your home-building project to the next level. 

7. Paramount Construction

We may be a bit partial, but, Paramount Construction is an award-winning Arlington home builder. Paramount has the most extensive list of new homes and building lots in Arlington and the surrounding neighborhoods. This Arlington home builder also has an in-house architect who has been with them for over 23 years and specializes in designing and planning unique custom homes for clients. 

Here’s the Ohio Model, built in N. Arlington by Paramount.

Paramount also has the largest list of tear-down Arlington building lots and has never designed and built the same home twice. All the homes are designed to fit perfectly on each lot.

8. Paradigm Building Group

Paradigm Building Group is a full-service home building company serving Northern Virginia and Charleston, North Carolina. They have over 20 years of experience in the industry and value thoughtful and unique home designs.

9. Great Falls Construction

Great Falls Construction has over 30 years of experience! They offer an array of construction services that range from residential to commercial. They are careful craftsmen who value every step in the home building process. 

10. Alair Homes Arlington

As the NARI National Contractor of the Year Award winner, Alair Homes is an excellent choice for an Arlington home builder! This award-winning company has a passion for creating luxury homes of all sizes. From custom homes to remodeling, they are a trusted Arlington new home builder who values modern design and creativity.  

11. Curtis Ventures, LLC

Curtis Ventures builds spectacular single-family homes in the Arlington area. They pride themselves in their close attention to detail and specialize in construction, general contracting, property development, and feasibility and budgeting.

New Custom Homes in Arlington, VA

Donaldson Run Arlington, VA 

This five bedroom, four bathroom design is the custom new home of your dreams. The classic, modern design is the perfect single-family home for the 8,730 sq foot lot on Donaldson Run. 

1827 N. Culpeper St Arlington, VA

This location is within walking distance of Glebe Elementary School and is the perfect family-friendly neighborhood to give your family the Arlington, VA experience. We have several custom home options that would fit perfectly on this 4,700 sq foot lot. For a walk-through of a few of our favorite options, click here for our video. 

Marcliff Home in Arlington, VA

We are excited about this new custom home project in Arlington. This New home is to be built on a 10,000 square foot lot on a cul de sac near Chain Bridge Road. To get the full experience of this beautiful custom home, check out our video. 

If you like any of these custom new homes in Arlington, you can contact us today to set up a strategy call. We would love to be the N. Arlington home building company of your choice to help make your dream of owning a custom home in Arlington, VA., a reality. 

Arlington Neighborhoods With New Home Activity

Bellevue Forest
Alcova Heights
Country Club Hills

Frequently Asked Questions About Best New Home Builders in Arlington, Virginia

I’m ready to build my home in Arlington, Virginia! Do home builders provide home plans, or do I need to provide my own?

Once you’ve found a location for your new home, the real fun begins. You can look through some of our free plans for new home inspiration. Keep in mind we never build the same home twice. We make our free plans fit your size or lot, your needs, and your vision for your dream home. 

How do I find a lot for sale in Arlington, Virginia, for my home?

We keep an updated list of lots for sale in Arlington and the surrounding neighborhoods on our website. You can visit our list of lots for sale in the Arlington area to see if they fit your needs. 

What are some benefits of selling my home to a builder instead of putting it on the market?

When you sell your home to an Arlington home builder like Paramount Construction, you don’t have to worry about making any repairs or changes. We offer a hassle-free experience, and the best part is: you don’t have to worry about the 6% commission, which means you can increase your net proceeds! To learn more, click here. 

Arlington home builders: Conclusion

The truth is: you can’t go wrong with building a home in Arlington, Virginia. The beautiful city is the perfect place to enjoy life, raise a family, and build the home of your dreams. As you start your research for an Arlington new home builder that fits your needs, consider Paramount Construction. We are here to help you find a home or lot for sale in Arlington or surrounding neighborhoods. 

Schedule a strategy call to learn more or to talk to a team member about your home building project! Schedule a strategy call now! 

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