Largest List of New homes and building lots for sale in McLean, Bethesda, Arlington, Chevy Chase, N.W. D.C., Falls Church & Potomac

New homes and home building lots for sale:

You can also check the latest new home inventory at You’ll see new homes and building lots for sale in Arlington, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, McLean, Potomac and N.W. Washington D.C.
There are properties for sale in the Town of Somerset, Wesley Heights, Town of Chevy Chase, Spring Valley, Kent, Bannochburn, Section Five Chevy Chase and the Palisades.

Be sure to check our site regularly since the new homes and home building lots for sale change frequently. Get early jump on the competition, here’s just a few new homes we’re planning now (list changes frequently). Prices include new home + lot:

  1. McLean starting at $2,373,330 approx. 14Ksf lot

  2. 6412 Dahlonega Rd. Bethesda SOLD approx. 12Ksf lot

  3. 5200 Murray Rd. Brookdale Chevy Chase starting at $3,894,600 approx. 11Ksf lot

  4. 7219 Marbury Ct. Bethesda starting at $2,556,888 approx. 12Ksf lot

  5. 5908 Rolston Rd. Bethesda approx. 9ksf lot

  6. N. Arlington starting at $1,598,403 approx. 13Ksf lot

  7. 3834 8th Street S. Arlington starting at $999,566 approx. 15Ksf lot

    – SOLD
  8. 6317 23rd Rd. Street Arlington starting at $3,578,019 approx. 13ksf lot

  9. 5908 Beach Ave. Bethesda SOLD approx. 7ksf lot

  10. East Bethesda starting at $1,799,941 approx. 6,700 sf lot

  11. Elgin Lane Bethesda starting at $3,865,754 14Ksf lot

  12. West Chevy Chase starting at $2.54M approx. 6Ksf lot

  13. Town of Somerset starting at $2.89M approx. 8Ksf lot

  14. Chalon Drive Bethesda starting at $4.7M 1 acre

  15. Custer Rd. Bethesda starting at $3.68M 12,300 sf lot

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Before you buy a teardown or a building lot consult with us to determine the feasibility, design and costs of the new home.

Here are 3 steps to finding your perfect building lot:

1. Determine your budget

2. If schools are important, which schools do you want to target?

3. What is the size building lot you would want?

Sign Up For Semi-Custom Home Plans Below

If you’re thinking about building a new home in Bethesda, MD (or one of our lots), don’t settle for one of those “cookie-cutter” house plans.

Those house plans are just generic plans and are sold from Maryland to California, and every other state in America.

You’ve probably even seen those same houses built right around here.

In fact, I was visiting my brother in-law in Boulder and I saw the same house in his neighborhood that I saw in Bethesda the other day.

semi custom homes in Virginia
semi custom homes in Virginia

It’s brick in the front and vinyl siding on three sides. The house looks like a big red brick box.

You know what I’m talking about? Is there one in your neighborhood?

Some people refer to them as “McMansions”, I refer to them as “bull s*it boxes”!!

What is a Semi-Custom Home?

A semi-custom home is a type of home built using a pre-designed floor plan as a starting point. Still, it allows the homeowner to modify the design to personalize the house to their specific needs and preferences.

They are a great option for those who desire a custom-built home but don’t want to go through the long and expensive process of having one built from the ground up. Semi-custom homes are typically based on existing floor plans that have been modified to suit the needs and desires of the homeowner. This is an attractive option because the homeowner can get exactly what they want while avoiding many of the headaches associated with fully custom home construction.

This type of home is often a middle ground between fully custom homes, designed from scratch to meet the homeowner’s exact specifications, and production homes, which are built using a standardized design that is not customizable.

Semi-custom homes are typically built by a home builder or developer, who offers a selection of pre-designed floor plans that can be modified to some extent. The modifications allowed may vary depending on the Maryland’s home builders list but may include changes to the layout, floor plan, exterior design, and finishes.

Some builders may also enable the homeowner to select specific features or upgrades from a pre-determined list of options, such as appliances, fixtures, and finishes. For example, a homeowner may choose from a variety of floorplan designs offered by the builder. The builder might offer upgrades such as hardwood floors or granite countertops. Homeowners also have the option to select from various appliances, fixtures, and finishes that best fit their needs. In some cases, builders may provide homeowners with options for energy-efficient products such as Energy Star-certified windows or insulated exterior siding.

Additionally, custom best home builders in Maryland can help homeowners create custom spaces such as additional bedrooms or game rooms. These types of modifications are often referred to as “specialty items” and require additional design elements and materials that may not be included in the standard floorplan offerings. By allowing homeowners to select these specialty items and incorporate them into the design of their homes, they can truly make it their own.

What’s Good About Semi-Custom Homes?

One of the main benefits of a semi-custom home is that it allows the homeowner to personalize their home to a certain extent, without the time and cost associated with designing a fully custom home from scratch.

The pre-designed floor plan provides a solid foundation for the home, which can then be modified to meet the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner.

This can be particularly useful for homeowners who may not have the time or resources to design a custom home but still want to have some input into the design of their home.

Another potential benefit of a semi-custom home is that sometimes it is more cost-effective than a fully custom home.

Since the floor plan and some design elements are already in place, the cost of designing and building the home is reduced.

(Since we have a full-time staff of architects, our custom home plans cost no more than other builders’ semi-custom plans, and I’ll bet our home designs are much better ;))

Take a look at a few of our cool new home plans here.

This can make a semi-custom home a more viable option for homeowners who may not have the budget for a fully custom home.

In addition to the cost and time savings, semi-custom homes offer some of the same benefits as production homes.

For example, they are typically built using standardized construction methods and materials, which can result in a faster build time and more efficient use of resources.

This can be particularly appealing for homeowners looking for a quick and hassle-free homebuilding process.

What’s Not So Good About Semi-Custom Homes?

Of course, there are also some major potential drawbacks when choosing a semi-custom home.

One of the main limitations is that the modifications that are allowed may be limited, depending on the builder and the specific floor plan being used.

Another drawback unless, the builder has a staff of very skilled and talented home designers on staff, the design aesthetic may be lacking.

This means if you’re looking for a well-designed high-end new home, a semi-custom home may fall a bit short when compared to a custom home created by a high-end new home designer.

And another potential issue with a semi-custom home is in the Washington DC area, the characteristics and shape of the building lots can be pretty irregular.

So, it may be very difficult to find a plan that fits on some of these uniquely shaped parcels of land in our area in a satisfying way and that uses the lot optimally.

This means you may have less flexibility than you will with a fully custom home.

Problem Solved: Our Custom Home Plans Are The Answer

semi custom homes maryland virginia DC
semi-custom homes in Maryland Virginia DC

That’s where we’re different than other builders. Finding a high-quality home builder in the Washington D.C. area with a staff of expert design professionals is rare.

(Again, we have been designing our homes for 25-plus years with our award-winning in-house team.

You can watch our unique process of how we create our plans to fit perfectly on each lot and to your exact specifications here.)

This means the homeowner may have less flexibility than they would with a fully custom home. In addition, the cost of the modifications and upgrades that are allowed may add to the house’s overall price, which could make it more expensive than a production home.

Despite these potential drawbacks, a semi-custom home can be an excellent option for many homeowners.

It offers a balance between the flexibility and personalization of a custom home and the cost and time-efficiency of a production home, making it a good choice for homeowners who want to have some input into the design of their home but don’t want to go through the process of designing a home from scratch.

Overall, a semi-custom home is built using a pre-designed floor plan as a starting point but allows the homeowner to make some modifications to the design to personalize the house to their specific needs and preferences.

It offers a balance between the flexibility and personalization of a custom home and the cost and time-efficiency of a production home, making it a good choice for homeowners who want to have some input into the design of their home, but don’t want to go through the process of designing a home from scratch.


Semi-custom homes potentially have many benefits.

And with the right home design team, a builder can give you a well-designed new home.

If you’d like to discuss our new home design process for your next home schedule a Strategy Call here.

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semi custom homes Aberdeen model

Before you hire one of those “name-brand” house designers that will charge you 10% of the cost of the house (or more), just for the drawings (whether or not the house can be built for your budget), read more here and learn why custom home plan design shouldn’t cost any more than what you pay for a regular house plan design.